Toyoshi SatowToyoshi Satow
IAUP President
Chancellor, J. F. Oberlin University
Tokyo, Japan


Challenges in Changing Higher Education

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 18th IAUP triennial conference in Vienna, the first big gathering of the latter part of the IAUP’s 1st century,
with the theme of “Innovation in Education,” as well as the Young Scientist Conference on “sustainability.”

Every three years, the IAUP conducts a large scale conference where dynamic discussions related to higher educational fields take place.  Also, the leadership for the next triennium will be elected in the General Assembly where our full membership convenes.

The educational world is constantly changing as society’s needs evolve along with the progress in science and technology, and we as educators are being asked to be innovative in responding to these changes. As one of the principles of the UN’s Academic Impact clearly states, we have “A commitment to the opportunity for every interested individual to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for the pursuit of higher education.” Higher education is no longer only available to the elite, and the IAUP members have a significant responsibility in making this possible. I urge you to join us in being part of this global discussion of current educational trends and to learn the challenges that young scientists are facing in resolving these issues.

Additionally, the event will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to network with other leaders of higher educational institutions and related organizations as well as policy makers and government leaders worldwide.

I look forward to seeing you in Vienna.

Toyoshi Satow

Kakha Shengelia, PhDKakha Shengelia
IAUP President-elect
President, Caucasus University
Tbilisi, Georgia

For a Brighter Future 

I am pleased to welcome you all to the XVIII triennial IAUP gathering during
July 5-8, 2017 in Vienna, Austria.  For this international meeting, I would like to honor our colleagues and partners from around the world, and our friends and students, to whom we dedicate our work.

Once every three years we come together to discourse on the variety of topics on global challenges and achievements of the member universities and, despite cultural differences, through this gathering of university presidents joined here, we give voice to the global education system. What’s more, for our current meeting, a multitude of high officials from our member countries will grace the conference with their presence, adding a new level of experience and value to our discussions. So, please add your own expertise to our debates, complimenting your opinion to the plethora of critical subjects we address here.

We assemble in Vienna from all over the world to discuss the effort IAUP can and will make for a brighter future through innovations in education. There will be an opportunity to listen to the presentations and reports of leading experts, join the discussions and interact with your peers the world around, establishing new links in our global network. The main themes of the conference will concentrate on the innovative fields of education. Namely, simulation based learning and training, modern technology in e-learning and expectations of the industry to the education worldwide.

Furthermore, this year we will be introducing a new dual-conference concept. Alongside our main conference, we will provide early career scientists the venue to hold their own gathering on sustainability in education. Specifically, those young scientists will discuss mobility of the future and global challenges.

To conclude, this program includes a variety of cultural and social events, which had been provided by our gracious hosts. Particularly, the Vienna and Georgian evenings and other multicultural events will help you to better understand your international compatriots and acquire unique experience.

Thus, please don’t hold back. You participation and interaction is what makes the IAUP experience memorable and worthwhile.

Kakha Shengelia